English Speakers of Other Languages

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NDEC offers English language classes to immigrant adults. NDEC has a diverse student population, serving students from more than 30 countries. Four levels of classes include listening, speaking, reading and writing instruction and practice. ESOL students use the computer as part of their language learning classes.

All persons interested in taking ESOL classes should call the main office at 617-268-1912 to find out when the next registration and placement testing for new students will be held. Registration and placement testing are held three times each year. If students cannot be placed in a class immediately, their names will go on the waiting list. The usual waiting time for a class is six months to one year. Our program is funded to serve residents of the City of Boston. When there are seats available, residents from other areas are welcome.


  • ESOL 1 provides beginning level speakers of English with the most important vocabulary and grammar needed to communicate in English at a basic level. Instruction is presented in a realistic way using everyday life situations.
  • ESOL 2 continues the work of ESOL 1 helping students to develop stronger speaking and listening skills and a larger vocabulary. Grammar, reading, and writing skills are developed as well using real life topics and texts.
  • ESOL 3 offers intermediate level student’s expanded vocabulary development and more complex grammar. Students will have extensive practice in speaking, listening, reading and writing.
  • ESOL 4 builds on skills developed in the prior levels. There is a major emphasis on further developing reading and writing skills and continuing practice of speaking, pronunciation, and listening. After completing Level 4, students are able to continue to higher education classes, transitions programs or other types of industry trainings.

Class Times

Morning classes are offered on four days for 10 hours per week:
8:30AM to 11:00AM classes meet on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday,
11:30AM to 2:00PM classes meet on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Evening classes are offered on two nights for 5 hours per week:
5:30PM to 8:00PM classes meet on a Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday schedule.

For further information about any of these programs, please contact the ESOL Coordinators:
Michele Moore, ESOL Day Coordinator, 617-268-1912, x231, email:
Manny Reynoso, ESOL Evening Coordinator, 617-268-1912, x245, email:


Notre Dame Education Center 200 Old Colony Ave, South Boston, MA 02127 l Telephone (617) 268-1912 Fax (617) 464-7924 or email us at